Opera attendance? Bad. But better.

The NYT reports:

As recently as the 1990s, the Met constantly took in more than 90 percent of its own potential box office income.

But its attendance has floundered recently. The Met observed the 50th anniversary of its own Lincoln Center house that was enormous with a starry gala this month. But as its 2016-17 season finished, the difficulty of packing a theater that holds 4,000 came into abrupt relief: The Met said it had taken in 67 percent of its possible box-office sales this season — upward only very marginally from last year, its poorest showing ever.

In the 2015-16 period, the Met took in 66 percent of its potential capacity. Some amounts are enhancing a bit more significantly: The business’s paid attendance rate, which includes discounted tickets, climbed to 75 percent this season from 72 percent in 2015 16. And the company said it attracted 80,000 new ticket buyers this season, up from 74,000 the year. Those novices are turning into regulars.

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